Lady Rejects Guy’s Proposal, Throws Ring In Front of Friends

A young lady rejects a guy’s proposal and throws the ring in front of friends in a viral video.

It was thrilling to witness the man get on his knees to propose to his girlfriend. He expressed his feelings known to his spouse, only to be pelted with eggs.

All what the coworkers expected was to see the guy propose to the girl and get accepted. However, it seems the girl had a plans in mind. She paused for some moment, snatch the ring from the guy and threw it in front of her colleagues.

It was a sad and sorrowful moment for the coworkers, who couldn’t believe such things could happen. They were perplexed as to how the lady could turn down an opportunity from a man she used to admire.

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It’s likely that the young lady isn’t ready to take responsibility as a wife. It’s also possible that the guy took the relationship too seriously or that there were some issues.

Watch full video below:

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