Kuami Eugene ruin cur$es on bloggers for spreading fake news about his Oda Visit [WATCH]

Bloggers who circulated false information regarding Kumai Eugene’s recent visit to his hometown of Oda in the Eastern Region have been cur$ed by Kumai Eugene.

According to him, the bloggers who released content aiming at downplaying his popularity in regards to the welcome he received at Oda will never be devoid of sorrow.

An angry Kuami Eugene did not hesitate to curse these bloggers in a tweet intended to dismiss the fact that only a few people came out to meet him when he visited Oda.

Kuami Eugene claims that, according to earlier claims, he had a massive welcome when he visited Oda, with over 20,000 people coming in to see the Rockstar. As a result, he strongly disagrees with the blogger’s “false narrative” that he was only met by 12 or 13 unenthusiastic people.

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A video uploaded by the artist clearly contradicts some of these bloggers’ earlier reports, and these curses are targeted at them.

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