Hajia Bintu Shares Throwback Photos To Recounts How She Rose From Grass To Grace (+Video)

Hajia Bintu, a TikTok influencer, has described her journey from grass to grace with photos dating back to her childhood.

She did this in response to a TikTok trend in which people compare old images to current and better ones in order to thank God for how far he has brought them. Hajia Bintu took part in the challenge and shared her story, and she has been trending ever since. 

Naomi Asiamah, popularly knowns as Hajia Bintu, has been updating her TikTok and Instagram accounts with incredibly good looking photos that have been getting a lot of attention on social media. 

Because of her stunning curvaceous shape, Hajia Bintu’s images go viral every time she posts them on social media. 

Her mountainous backside has sparked heated controversy among social media users, with some claiming it is not natural and others arguing the opposite. 

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She has maintained her beauty from childhood to now that she is helping the world experience God’s creation in some throwback photos.

Her backside has always been on point, traced back to her days as a Facebook queen before moving on to Instagram and TikTok. 

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