Hajia 4Real Falls Into A Pool While Dancing To Her New Song ­­(VIDEO)

Hajia 4real, a Ghanaian star and artist, recently released her latest single, on which she collaborated with Shatta Wale.

Hajia 4Real is so in love with her new song “Baby” that she lost control and fell into her pool while jamming to it.

This occurred during rehearsals for the video, which was uploaded just a few days ago and is rapidly approaching 500,000 views.

Gbee Nabu features on ‘Baby,’ which has a sensual feeling.

The video was filmed during rehearsals session for the ‘Baby’ video shoot and was published on Instagram by blogger Gh Hyper.

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Hajia 4Real is spotted whining her waist viciously in a fitted dress beside a pool with a visibly thrilled Dance Lord Lloyd who was taking the opportunity to come as near to her as possible.

Dance God Llyod tried to grab her during the commotion after she gave him a romantic push, and both of them ended up in the pool. Her clothing, unable to hold her b00bs in the water, came apart, exposing them, which she hurriedly covered with her hands.

Hajia 4Real has been in the headlines a lot lately, and it’s not just because of her new song. She shocked the public when she declared that it was her desire to win a Grammy Award for Ghana, despite the fact that none of her songs have been nominated thus far.

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In other news, Hajia 4Real is rumored to have lost her guy to the cold and cunning Benedicta Gafah, despite her best efforts to appear as though everything is well at home. 

But the rumors may be true, as Hajia 4Real was recently seen flirting with player Emmanuel Adebayor, with whom she appears to be more than friends.

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