Funny Face Leaves A Suicidal Message For His Daugthers

The Ghanaian based children’s president, Funny Face, has again come out with a life-threatening or suicidal message.

His recent relapse is too much to bear. He just left a message for his family and especially the daughters of his potential death.

The message would keep readers very sad. It’s very sad to see a celebrity go through depression. The necessary agencies should come in and help to console our brother so he restrain from such acts.

See the sad note Funny Face writes to his daughters:


Bright Ofotsu Ametepey who also loves to be called Yhaw or Thursdae is an IT student at TTU and a content writer. He is from the biggest village in West Africa. He loves music and always thinks there is a song for every moment just make a good playlist for every moment.

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