Delay Accuses Esi Forson For Lying about some Assets she allegedly Owns

Ghana’s hottest television personality and entrepreneur, Delay, has recently accused Comedian Maame Esi Forson. According to Delay, the comedian is faking about some properties she doesn’t own. 

The properties includes a 6-bedroom housing, 10 taxis, a lot of lands and a restaurant she is currently operating. Delay was curious as to how much money the comic makes from running a restaurant that can afford such luxuries.

Delay questioned the comedian that what does she serve in her restaurant that has helped acquire so many properties.

Maame Esi Forson replies her that she supplies food to 200+ people on a daily basis. The profit she makes per each plate worth GHC 10. However, this explanation did not sink well into the ears of Delay. This made her conclude that Esi Forson was deceiving the audience because Delay claims she has made some background research about her.

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