Check Out The Real Reason Why Voltarians Are Called Number 9 In Ghana

Finally, the reason behind Ewe people or people from the Volta Region termed as number 9 has been revealed. With a population of 6.1 million, Ewes are Ghana’s second largest ethnic group. Togo has a population of 3.1 million people.

According to a tweet from popular Ghanaian Kafui Dey, this is how they got the number 9 name, not the other way around as many people believe. 

He explains that the name originated from the Miss Ghana beauty contest in 1957. Monica Amekofia, a woman from Alavanyo who represented the Volta Region or Trans-Volta Togoland, won the competition. 

The number 9 was her contestant number. Her contestant number, 9, became a popular name in the Volta Region after she was named the winner, and was used to represent the people of Trans-Volta Togoland or Voltarians. 

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In a Twitter post, Kafui Dey made the following comment: 

This is the beautiful Monica Amekoafia, winner of the first edition of the Miss Ghana contest in 1957 from Alavanyo, representing the Trans-Volta Togoland.

She was contestant Number 9. It was from her number that people from the Volta Region are called Number 9.

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