Check Out The Full Story Of Ghanaian Millionaire Osei Kwame Despite (+Photos)

Dr. Osei Kwame Despite, a Ghanaian business tycoon, has become a huge star in the country. The first thing that comes to mind when his name is mentioned is that he is one of Ghana’s richest men.

Osei Kwame Despite began his career as a small trader in a town called Agona, Wiamoase in the Ashanti Region of Ghana, selling everything from music cassettes to padlocks to feeding bottles.

Osei-Kwame is the sole owner of Despite Company Ltd, a trading company with branches in the media industry, including PEACE FM, the country’s largest and most popular FM station, OKAY FM, NEAT FM, both in Accra, and HELLO FM in Kumasi. 

Dr. Osei-Kwame founded NEAT FOODS LTD, a company that processes local plantains, cocoyam, maize, and palm fruits, including Neat Fufu, which has become a replacement for traditional fufu.

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He also owns ANTONA FOODS LTD, which produces the ever-popular THIS WAY chocolate drink as well as various flavors such as the Motherlac cereal for kids.

Despite is a co-founder of U2 Salt, a salt mining company based in Winneba. Dr. Osei-Kwame co-founded United Television (UTV), the country’s leading television channel, with his wife.

He is the co-founder and Vice-Chairman of Best Point Savings and Loans Ltd, one of the country’s most well-known financial institutions. 

Dr. Kwame Osei Despite his poor background, he has worked tirelessly to acquire everything he has today. 

Dr. Osei is proof that you don’t need rich families to succeed in life. It’s not uncommon for wealthy parents to come from you. 

With all of his accomplishments, Dr. Osei understands the value of family, and he is married with nine children. Some of them date back to his first marriage.

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