Today, as I was watching a radio program from one Okatakyie Afrifa-Mensah of power FM, I have been thinking out loud about what the over 1,200 Ghanaian students who were present at the launch of the No Guarantor Policy in Kumasi at the Engineering Auditorium of KNUST will be thinking about this man Okatakyie Afrifa, especially those who witnessed the succinct, twofold speech delivery from the President of the National Union of Ghana Students, Dennis Appiah Larbi.

To them, I am sure they are asking questions about the head of this person; a pained head. But for his stomach interest, he would have taken time to abreast himself with issues before making any reaction.

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We understand how painful it is when your failed attempt to cause mayhem in this country exposed your ignorance, but at least try and let no one see your lack of knowledge about the work you are doing. Now everyone knows you and knows what you’re capable of doing with your stomach.

What have we, the National Union of Ghana Students not said about the wrongful police clash with students of Islamic SHS? At what point have we remained silent and reluctant over the issues.

When did this administration come to power that you’re attributing issues of Ukraine mess to it? Were you out of this country, when the assistance of NUGS got many of our Ghanaian students out of the Russia -Ukraine Crisis. We understand that you need to eat but in finding your food, try and make sense.


At least do your research well to know that every NUGS administration ends after a year and that within the space of 4 years there has been some four different President leading the affairs, and that you will not backlash a 3months in office President with issues of yesteryear.

If you want to use NUGS to make a name, try and choose a cogent path so that children of the day will not teach you the kind of work you’re supposed to do. Such an empty populist run will only make you bitter and nothing else!


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  1. If this has been the way and manner Okatakyie Afrifa tackles issues for all this while, then I think he deserves no better place in the archives of the nation.

    I have loved how he deals with issues without fear or favor, but, till this time, I never knew he was so unprofessional as to how to source for information regarding matters. So naive and simplistic.

    He would have been named one of the well wishers of our dear nation. But this kind of attitude will send him no where.

    The NUGS PIS needs to be commended for reacting to such as issue in this professional manner, though irritating.

    Well done, sir!

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