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UTAG Surrender On Strike Resumption After Agreement with Government

The National Teacher’s Association of Ghana(UTAG) has surrender to its decision to resume strike. This follows an agreement they had with the government.

The president of UTAG, Prof. Solomon Nunoo stated that the agreement was reached after 5 hours of negotiating with the government. He passed this comment after the announcement made by the Education Ministry. 

According to Prof. Solomon, some of their members are still not happy with the agreement reached with the government. This is because it didn’t meet all the demands they were hoping for. However, they have reached something and for that matter the arranged strike wouldn’t come on.

Earlier, UTAG asked its members to resume the strike since their negotiations with the government was inconclusive. They wanted a restoration for their condition of service agreed on by the government in 2012.

The strike actions which were undergone by UTAG affected both academic and non-academic works on campuses.


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