UG vs KNUST: Which is the best University ?

Every student in Senior High School currently is aiming to read their desired course at a renowned university in Ghana. 

When you ask which they would like to go to, they either say University of Ghana or the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

On social media, it is a constant debate as to which of the aforementioned schools is the best. 

Students of the University of Ghana back their school as the best and students of KNUST choose theirs. 

This article is intended to settle it once and for all.

The first to compare is each other’s infrastructure. The size of the University of Ghana campus and hostels is larger than that of KNUST. 

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It means the population of UG is more than the population of KNUST. In today’s world, the largest countries are considered the most advanced or developed. 

UG uses this as a point to back their claim that, having a larger size means they have more facilities and infrastructure.

Next in comparison is their cut-off points. Cut off point is the minimum aggregate a student who aims at studying at a school has to attain in order to be admitted. 

Each school has different cut-off points for the same course. In UG, the highest aggregate accepted is 7 for Bachelor of Science in medicine and surgery and the lowest aggregate is 24 for BSc. fine arts and BSc. family and child studies. 

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For KNUST, the highest aggregate accepted is 6 for Bachelor of Science in Medicine and the lowest aggregate is also 24 for BSc landscape design and management. 

When we compare the aggregates, KNUST is more demanding. Their students also use this as a point for their debate and the majority of ‘neutrals’ agree with them

What about recognition? Both schools have been recognized by foreign bodies. 

According to webometrics, the University of Ghana is ranked 1st in Ghana and 1172nd in the world while the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology is ranked 2nd in Ghana and 1507th in the world. 

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In their methodology, their ranking is based on citations by google scholar profiles whose citations are deemed authentic.

So, folks, the ball is now in your court to decide which university is the best between the University of Ghana and the Kwame Nkrumah University of Science and Technology.

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