UCC: All You Need To Know About The ‘Campus Crush’ Tv Show

The hunt for love has gone digital, but it appears that the countless dating websites are still insufficient when it comes to the extremely difficult task of finding that special someone.

UCC renowned musician, Noble Genius, realized the void and in partnership with other sponsors decide to introduce an ultimate dating reality show dubbed “Campus Crush”.

The UCC Campus Crush was develop in response to the need of student in the University looking for a platform to meet, connect and build relationship that could grow into a long-term commitment.

It was also launched to entertain most students on campus as the plot unfolds week after week.

The Equi gh media and other partners have teamed up to delight viewers with the ultimate dating reality.

The Campus Crush, which was launched in the university of Cape Coast (UCC) on the 10th August 2021, is a riveting reality show which features an eligible bachelor and a number of beautiful and intelligent ladies who he [the bachelor] needs to convince to become his crush and go on a date with him.

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The event will last many weeks and will include a bachelor attempting to win the heart of his crush.

The campus crush is a game show for single eligible gentleman to get a special crush.

The gentleman must capture the interest of the ladies, resulting in her willingness to go out on a date with him.

The ladies must determine whether or not they like the bachelor, and they do so by turning off (disapproval) or keeping their phone’s flashlight on (approval) (approval).

The Campus Crush Show gained grounds and started making waves online after their official flier was shared. It dominated all over people’s statues on WhatsApp and it become a debatable topic among others.

The TV show is been described as a ‘revolutionary entertainment program’ by most student.

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UCC: All You Need To Know About The 'Campus Crush' Tv Show

Undoubtedly, Noble Genius and other creative minds are the master planners behind the New Campus Series launched on UCC Campus.

The show, which is hosted by SK Original & Ella, airs every Saturday at 7PM and it would be streamed live on YouTube (Campus Crush TV Official). Don’t forget to subscribe to their channel and be informed whenever there’s an update.

Casa De Ropa is the venue where the event would take place. It’s located at Amamoma. Fans who find it difficult to get to the venue can contact any of the organizers of the show for more guide.

Let’s put in our maximum effort to support the Campus Crush event so it encourages the organizers to do more.

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However, Viewers stand the chance of winning exciting prizes as the event expands. Prices have not yet be disclosed by the organizers of the program.

The event is sponsored and partnered by Casa De Ropa and Equi gh media.

Slot are available for brands or companies who would like to partner or sponsor the Campus Crush show. If interested, contact Noble Genuis (CEO of Make Rich Now Geng) on 0505485042.


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