Top 10 Best Halls in Ghana

Do you know the top 10 best halls in Ghana? If you don’t know, this post will help you in dscover some of the best halls in Ghana and the activities they are excel at.

Our country, Ghana, is noted to have the best universities in the African continent. UCC, KNUST, LEGON, UEW are some of the popular public universities in Ghana. Every public university in Ghana has various halls of residence within it. Some halls perform better as compared to others when considering many factors.

Management of UrbanNews Gh has conducted a deep research to scout the top 10 best halls in Ghana. After spending a lot of month analyzing the best halls in Ghana, we have finally got our result.

Below is a list of top 10 best, amazing, and finest halls in Ghana. The rankings were based on the facilities, popularity, rating and how entertaining a hall is.


adehye hall

  1. Adehye Hall

Adehye hall is the only female hall in the University of Cape Coast and it’s noted for its discipline and neatness. Ladies, affiliated to the Adehye hall, are known as the royals of UCC. The hall houses a lot of beautiful and brilliant ladies and also have a clean environment.

oguaa hall


  1. Oguaa Hall

Oguaa hall is a mixed hall in the University of Cape Coast. It was the first hall to be built in UCC and its name represent the whole of Cape Coast (Oguaa). Proud affiliates of the hall are known as “Monkeys” and it boast to be the premier hall in UCC. Their motto is Nyimdzee Korye Asomdwe.

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akuafo hall

  1. Akuafo Hall

Akuafo hall is the second hall of residence to be built in the University of Ghana and also the hall of excellence. Individuals, who reside in Akuafo hall, are known as Farmers. Akuafo hall is known for its rich culture and traditions. The hall’s chieftaincy institution symbolizes unity and promote their rich culture. Laboremus Et Sapiamus is the motto of the hall.

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valco hall

  1. Valco Hall

Valco is one of the best halls in Ghana and the University of Cape Coast. It is a mixed hall and known to be “God of Entertainment” in UCC due to its love for entertainment. Industrialists is the name given to an affiliate of Valco hall. “First among others” is the motto of the hall.

mensah sarbah hall

  1. Mensah Sarbah Hall

This hall happens to be the first hall to be named after a great personality in Ghana, Dr. Mensah Sarbah. It is a mixed hall and can be located in the campus of University of Ghana. Sarbah boast of a traditional outfit named “Okpo”. There’s a strong rival bond between Sarbah and Vandals in the University of Ghana.

casely hayford hall


  1. Casley Hayford Hall (Casford)

Casley Hayford hall is one of the greatest halls in the University of Cape Coast and also the only male-hall in the school. Casford has a strong affiliation with the Katanga and Sarbah Hall. They brag to the only university within a university and the super powers in the University of Cape Coast. “Fellow Casfordians, Heey!!” are some of the terms used by the affiliate of Casley Hayford on certain occasions. Their motto is “Truth and Courage” and affiliate of the hall are termed as “Casfordians”.

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katanga hall

  1. University Hall (Katanga)

University hall, popularly known as Katanga, is one of the best halls in KNUST campus. Members of the University hall are called “Katangees”. Katanga was once an all-male but was later converted to a mixed hall. Their main hall has over 198 rooms whereas the annex houses 95 rooms. They’ve always aspired to be the best traditional hall in the Knust campus and Ghana as a whole. The inclusion of ladies to the Katanga hall did not affect their style and branding to attract more student. Yellow is their colour and “Rest Not” is their motto. They’re noted to be entertaining themselves with their popular morale songs and banging.

commonwealth hall

  1. Commonwealth Hall (Vandals)

Commonwealth hall is the best hall of residence in Ghana. It is also one of the most influential and popular halls in UG and Ghana as a whole. Affiliate of the Commonwealth hall are called Vandals. Vandals is the only male hall and superior hall in the University of Ghana. It’s believed that a student can survive in this hall without his own food. This is because food for one member is food for all. “Truth Stands” happens to be the motto of Commonwealth hall.

unity hall

  1. Unity Hall (Conti)

Unity hall is the largest hall in the entire West Africa and takes the shape of a twin tower. It has an accommodation capacity of over 448 rooms, with the exception of the extra 36 flats. Unity hall was once an all-male hall but later converted to a mixed hall. Affiliate of the Unity Hall are known as “Continentals” or “Conti” for short. Conti boast of the only hall to have a radio station in Knust campus, Continental radio 96.1 fm. “Unity is strength” is the motto of the hall. Conti is noted to be good in banging and morale.

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atlantic hall

  1. Atlantic Hall (ATL)

Atlantic hall is the best hall in the University of Cape Coast. Student of the Great Atlantic hall are popularly known as Mariners. Individuals within this hall address each other as Mariners and the popular response is “Superisimo” and “Above the Law”. Mariners are always proud of their hall and are noted to be the best hall in Ghana in-terms of morale. You dare not enter the marine city with an attire which has red in it. Fridays always looks like Christmas to affiliate of Atlantic hall since it is a day, they met to entertain themselves. Knowledge, initiative and dynamism is the motto the hall.

Do you agree or disagree with the rankings of the top 10 best hall in Ghana? Share your thoughts with us in the comment section below.

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