Fact-Check: No teacher trainee impregnated 24 students, a headmistress and 4 female teachers

Independent fact-checks by UrbanNewsGh have confirmed that, contrary to social media speculation, there is no teacher trainee who has impregnated 24 girls (students), a headmistress, and four female teachers in Asokore Mampong Municipality in the Ashanti Region.

A story released by Sir Obed Fieve of voltawebpage in the early hours of Friday, June 3, 2022 stated that a teacher trainee on teaching practice at Asokore Mampong Municipality in the Ashanti Region had impregnated 24 students, a headmistress, and four female teachers. 

A group of Ghanaians took to social media shortly after the publication to criticize teachers, insult them, and even characterize them as unprofessional public sector personnel.

On social media, some teachers and other Ghanaians have expressed their dissatisfaction with the news. Many teachers believe that the article was a condemnation of the teaching profession and that the Teacher Unions and law enforcement agencies should investigate it. 

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Joshua Owusu Yeboah, the immediate past National Coordinator of the Teacher Trainees’ Association of Ghana (TTAG), has urged teacher unions to demand the arrest of the publisher of an article circulating on social media that is undermining their noble profession. 

Since the said article indicated that a headmistress and four other female teachers were impregnated by a practicing teacher trainee, he believes that the arrest of the said publisher would go a long way toward redeeming and restoring the integrity of teachers and the teaching profession.

After a disclaimer was issued by the Asokore Mampong Municipal Education Directorate, indicating clearly that nothing like that has happened in the Municipality, our checks revealed that the publication from voltawebpage, which was copied by other online news portals, is false. 

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According to a voltawebpage report, a teacher trainee from a college in the Western Region was sent to Asokore Mampong Municipality in the Ashanti Region to undertake Teaching Practice (Macro Teaching) and so impregnated 24 students, a headmistress, and four female teachers. 

A simple study of the story would help in understanding and identifying the publisher’s bad intent. This is because proximity is an important consideration when deciding where a teacher trainee will begin their teaching practice.

Only one college of education (Holy Child College of Education) exists in the Western Region (New Region), and it is an all-female college. This is a clear indication that a female trainee could not possibly have impregnated 24 other female students, let alone female teachers and a headmistress. 

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Our research revealed that, with the exception of the STS, none of the above colleges can send teacher trainees to Asokore Mampong Municipality in the Ashanti Region for teaching practice (Macro Teaching) due to proximity. 

As stated in the fake news, it would be impossible for a College of Education in the Western Region to allow its teacher trainees to practice teaching in the Ashanti Region.

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